AS62240 Clouvider Limited

Network Information

A Real 2Tbps+ Network
We currently have over 2.9Tbps+ of total network capacity in-house; A 1480Gbps MPLS Core Network backed by 1430Gbps of connectivity with:
GTT, Telia, LINX1, LINX2, LONAP, NTT, TATA, Liberty Global/UPC, Google, Level3/CenturyLink, Cogent, Equinix IX London, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Digital Realty IX, DE-CIX NY, Any2 IX.

Open Peering
We offer an open peering policy, at any of our locations. For more information please contact us.

Present on 8 Internet Exchanges for Public Peering
We can currently be found within the following Internet Exchanges, and are open to public peering.

  • LINX - 1 (Juniper) and 2 (Extreme),
  • LoNAP,
  • AMS-IX,
  • DE-CIX,
  • Equinix IX London,
  • Equinix IX Frankfurt,
  • Digital Realty IX New York,
  • DE-CIX New York,
  • Digital Realty IX Atlanta,
  • Community IX Atlanta,
  • Any2 California

Private Peering
We are also present in the following locations, and open to private peering.

  • Virtus LON1, LON5 & LON6,
  • London Volta,
  • Equinix LD8,
  • Telehouse London Campus: North, North 2, East & West,
  • Amsterdam Data Tower,
  • Equinix FR4, FR5 & FR6,
  • 60 Hudson Street,
  • 56 Marietta,
  • Coresite LA1 & LA2

Diagnostic/Test IPs
Please use these IP addresses for testing and diagnostic purposes: - London, UK - Amsterdam, NL - Frankfurt, DE - New York City, USA - Atlanta, USA - Los Angeles, USA

External References
Additional References can be seen within PeeringDB and the Hurricane Electric BGP Tool.

Traffic Engineering via BGP Communities
We operate multiple BGP communities for traffic engineering as follows:

62240:51 Do Not Announce to Level3
62240:56 Do Not Announce to LINX
62240:56 Do Not Announce to LINX Peers
62240:57 Do Not Announce to LINX
62240:57 Do Not Announce to LINX RS
62240:58 Do Not Announce to LONAP
62240:59 Do Not Announce to LONAP Route Servers
62240:60 Do Not Announce to LONAP Peers
62240:61 Do Not Announce to Cogent
62240:62 Do Not Announce to Telia
62240:63 Do Not Announce to GTT
62240:64 Do Not Announce to Aorta
62240:65 Do Not Announce to TATA
62240:67 Do Not Announce to NTT
62240:68 Do Not Announce to AMS-IX RS
62240:69 Do Not Announce to AMS-IX Peers
62240:70 Do Not Announce to DE-CIX RS
62240:71 Do Not Announce to DE-CIX Peers

62240:411 Prepend Once To Level3
62240:401 Prepend Once to NTT